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Dental Insurance

Which dental insurances do we accept? 

We are able to accept any insurance that provides out of network benefits. We are also in network with the following insurances:

  • Delta Dental
  • Anthem
  • Cigna
  • Guardian
  • Metlife 
  • United Healthcare National
  • Aetna
  • Humana – Nationwide
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • DNOA – Dearborn National
  • DNOA – LineCo
  • United Concordia – Care PPO
  • Careington Network

There are more than a dozen other insurance companies that we are in network with, so we always encourage you to reach out to check!  Even if your dental insurance company is listed above, it does not encompass all plans from those insurance companies, we invite you to reach out so we may check for you!

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is very different than medical insurance. On most Medical insurance plans there is an out-of-pocket maximum, while Dental Insurance plans carry a plan maximum in which the insurance will pay out for you. This small difference turns dental insurance into a coupon system, instead of something similar to medical insurance. There is continuous lobbying to change dental insurance to move to something like medical insurance, but the dental insurance companies have been very resistant to this recommendation.

What is Dental Insurance? - Salthouse Smiles
Insurance- Salthouse Smiles

From the Horse’s Mouth

What dental insurance covers and the percentages of claims covered is dependent upon the employer and/or stakeholder “because employers and stakeholders do not have an unlimited willingness to pay” and the coverage is based on “negotiations with the members’ employers and other stakeholders based upon the amount the employers/stakeholders are willing to pay for claims and/or premiums, employees/members will assume some risk of out-of-pocket expenses associated with non-covered treatment.”

Salthouse Smiles Stance

Here at Salthouse Smiles we do not allow insurance coverage to alter our preventative and treatment recommendations for patients that have been supported by the evidence and literature. We practice evidence-based dentistry. We will fully inform you of all the options that are available, what is most recommended to least recommend, and as always, no treatment is always an option. We are here as a guide to what is the most recommended based on the evidence and literature but allow parents to make these decisions for their children.  We do aim to fully maximize the patient’s benefits as to decrease the out-of-pocket costs the most we can for the parents of our patients.      

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